Congo Fashion Week is a national event taking place in Congo, promoting both Congolese and African fashion. 

The media plays a key role in all activities we are involved in and helps us reach our set goals. 


if you are a Press house and interested in covering our events, please apply for a press accreditation using the form below and for further information, please email us at​.


Press registration is open to any member of the broadcast, print and Internet media who can prove they work for an organization or publication that covers fashion/retail/manufacturing/news or entertainment on a regular basis.

We welcome anyone to apply for press credentials, but reserve the right to deny you a pass. As such, please provide us copies of your articles either at your publication’s web site or on the publication’s masthead. Interested media personnel must submit an email from the news organization they are representing on that company’s letterhead and signed by the editor or have the editor email us from the organization’s email system. Please indicate your media reach in numbers (i.e. media impressions, subscriptions, followers, page views, viewers or audience).

At the show, please be able to present a business card & contact information for your assignment editor should we need it to validate your credentials before issuing you a pass or for yourself if you work solo.

Application for Media Sponsors, Partners and Photographers are now opened!

Please note we can take up to 2 people per company and forms are due prior to the event.

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